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Craft Cocktail Lounge

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Located in the basement of Crust Chandler, The Ostrich is a neighborhood craft cocktail lounge inspired by the rich history of the City of Chandler dating back to the founding days of 1912.


In the days of prohibition, speakeasies became known for being underground & secret establishments that sold bootlegged alcohol. Guests needing a secret code or password & having to search for a hidden entrance was part of the thrill for patrons, in a time where it was illegal to partake. Today’s speakeasy lounges, like The Ostrich, offer unique experiences for guests that allow you to channel the Roaring '20s era vibe & atmosphere in a unique retro setting.


Once you have followed the red lights & found the wooden door, you're in! Antique mugshots, whiskey barrels, books, & a life-sized ostrich decorate the establishment. Bar stools, high-top tables, & leather booths allow The Ostrich to serve over 100 guests in a comfortable & relaxed environment.


If you appreciate true Classic Cocktails, you are in the right spot. Bartenders at The Ostrich are connoisseurs of the lost art of classic drink making. Along with craft cocktails, The Ostrich serves wine, draft & handheld beer, & amazing East Coast-style Italian Food from the Crust Simply Italian kitchen.


Hours of Operations:

Closed Monday

6 pm to midnight Sunday - Thursday

5 pm to 2 am on Friday

6 pm to 2 am on Saturday

Classic Drinks + Craft Cocktails+Draft Beers

Warm & inviting bartenders & all the nostalgia of a true 1920s Speakeasy


The space was once a watering hole for the nation’s traveling & sometimes nefarious elite. It has been remodeled & rescued but maintains its authentic & unique feel.  This re-imagined drinking destination is housed in the forgotten basement tunnels running to the Crowne Plaza San Marcos golf course clubhouse & the old railroad station.  This very same basement was also an ostrich feather storage facility after World War I.  Dr. AJ Chandler had high hopes that the ostrich feather would take off as a fashion accessory, primarily in the flapper dress industry.  Sadly, those hopes fell short.


Meant to inspire our guests to understand & appreciate the past. we apply its wisdom to everyday situations. We decided to pay homage to Dr. AJ Chandler, by naming our basement lounge, The Ostrich.  Without Dr. Chandler’s crazy idea to build a resort & a funny little basement in Arizona, we wouldn’t be able to offer delicious cocktails in this historic setting.

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Open Daily at 11am

Located in the Basement of


10 N. San Marcos Pl

Chandler, AZ 85225












6pm - 12:00am

6pm - 12:00am

5pm - 2:00am

6pm - 2:00am

6pm - 12:00am

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